OKR training course

Become proficient in OKRs with this 10-day training course. Each day we send you an email with OKR best practices from 1 of the 10 categories on this site. This gives you a daily bite-sized chunk of information, giving you a thorough understanding after the course ends.

Turn your team into focused productive superheroes by following the methods used at leading companies like Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Zynga, Sears and others.

Course outline:

  • Day 1: Introduction to OKRs
  • Day 2: Benefits of OKRs
  • Day 3: OKR Case Studies
  • Day 4: OKR Examples and Templates
  • Day 5: OKR Best Practices
  • Day 6: Grading OKRs
  • Day 7: OKR Mistakes to Avoid
  • Day 8: Transition from other goal-setting methods
  • Day 9: Useful OKR Materials
  • Day 10: OKR Software and Tools

The course will end in a certificate that confirms you understand the basics of OKRs and are qualified to implement them in your company.