What are the benefits of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)?


OKRs, on a team, and company level make up a system that shows how everything one person does connects to the work of others.

If an employee knows that not meeting his goals makes achievements harder for people in other departments, they will want to try harder. When everyone knows how their work matters, it increases overall engagement, motivation, and determination. It’s a psychological effect: no one wants to be the weakest link, so they’ll try harder. This is a very powerful tool.

What are the benefits of OKRs for employees?


For team members and employees, some of the benefits include:

  • Doing more by doing less;
  • Being heard by your leader;
  • Getting praise and hearing from your co-workers;
  • Having a lightweight task manager for big goals and weekly objectives.

What are the benefits of OKRs for leaders?


For leaders and managers, the benefits are:

  • Quickly knowing what’s happening in a team;
  • Increasing productivity;
  • Making better more informed decisions;
  • Guiding your people and giving feedback;
  • Measuring work satisfaction;

How well do OKRs work in practice?


Objectives and Key Results have worked well for many companies. But like any goal setting technique, they only work if the company invests time and energy into implementing the system and onboarding it with all employees.

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