How should OKRs be reviewed and graded?


With OKRs, it’s important to set them high enough that 100% is uncommon. Getting 100% should be a near-impossible feat that only a few teams accomplish. OKRs should be reviewed weekly to avoid discovering that you have no results at the end of the quarter. However, and this is important: you should not grade success based on your objectives. The grading goes on at the Key Results level.

There are companies who like grading objectives by adding a binary “done-not done” mark on it. This commonly used model states that an objective is done if you complete all the KRs. So if you had 3 KRs and didn’t hit the mark on one of them, the objective stays at 0. This tends to reduce morale and increase confusion as OKRs are often set very high and the risk of failure with some KRs is not only common but expected. KRs must always be measurable, and you need to figure out that criteria when setting them.

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