How to set Key Result metrics?


Key results measure how far from reaching your objective you are. It adds metrics to objectives. The easiest way to set Key Results is to follow the SMART model. SMART is a methodology that sets criteria to the tasks you set. The KRs must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. The questions you need to ask for each goal are:

  • Specific: is the KR well-defined and understandable for everyone?
  • Measurable: can you measure success or failure?
  • Achievable: is it realistically possible to do?
  • Relevant: is this KR important for your objective?
  • Time-bound: have I clearly established when the goal must be met? For OKRs this time is usually one quarter.

For the product team, you can measure percentages of jobs done; for sales, you can measure their success in dollars or another currency. You can also go binary with the “Done-Not Done” scale.

Need a simple online tool for OKRs?