How to use OKRs in a remote team?


For a remote team to work, you must set up an excellent communication system for your team and make sure this system runs smoothly every day. People who start working remotely need time for these work processes to become a habit. Here, we’ll take a look on how to run a new remote team and until people understand what they need to do. 

You need to think about your employees. How do they stay engaged? How do they keep their discipline? A good manager has an answer to both.

OKRs in a Remote Team

OKRs for the remote team work just like they do in an office setting and are a very good methodology to run a remote team. OKRs help to make sure that the members of your remote teams are always up to date with each other’s work and are never out of the loop.

Working remotely comes hard to some teams. Especially if they aren’t used to it. Even working in office, transparency and unity might be difficult from time to time. 

OKRs for remote teams should be set and executed together with the team. First, everybody should understand what the OKR methodology is about and how this helps to organize your teamwork better. It’s important that they see the benefits to feel engaged with the set OKRs.

Learning should go with the OKR process on every step on the way. Weekly Check-ins play a crucial part in it. The lessons learned might be the most valuable part of OKRs! Sometimes we might now achieve any great success in percent wise but if the team gained a lot of new knowledge and has grown because of it I think we can call it a success.

 Implementing an OKR software like Weekdone can make the process even smoother. Especially with their free OKR coaching and onboarding assistance. It is free for up to 3 users. You can start a free 15-day trial if your team is bigger than that. So check it out and make OKRs work for your remote team. 

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