How to communicate OKRs inside a team or company?


To successfully implement OKRs there needs to be company-wide agreement and awareness. It is important to implement the best practice process to make sure everyone can pick-up the new goal-setting methodology.

CEO, VPs, and other relevant people start by setting company-level OKRs which will be guidelines for the whole Company. If you will have Annual goals as well, start by setting them 

  • At the start of the quarter set the Company level Objectives
  • Communicate the Objectives with the rest of the company and discuss why they are important
  • Ask the team managers to start crafting their Objectives based on Company Objectives

After you have set goals for your team, it’s important to start actually working on those goals on a weekly basis. For that, you and your team members should add weekly items and update the OKR progress regularly. If your team has weekly meetings then using Weekdone during the meetings creates a good habit and it helps people to adopt it.

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