How do you create an OKR for office administration?


If you need an OKR for someone who manages an office from day to day, like an office administration, you need to look at two things:

  1. What are the goals for the office (team goals)?
  2. What are the individual goals that people do, to achieve the team goals?

You can find many OKR examples from This is a free website that shows you how OKRs for different positions should look like. That includes OKRs for the office administration.

If you answer the first question, you can set it as the goal for the office and tie the individual goals in as key results for the office.

It is also important to remember that OKR methodology isn’t just about setting Objectives, but building a culture around it as well.

Your weekly initiatives and plans should all help achieve your long term goals and you should update the progress of your Key Results regularly. OKRs should be discussed every week. Create a weekly ritual around them and discuss and review them with your team! Otherwise, at the end of the quarter, you may find that you are way off track!

You can use an OKR tool like Weekdone. Tools like this help you to manage the OKR of your office administration. And the OKRs of your entire team. Try it out for free here.

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