Where can I find good OKR examples?


If you need OKR examples, you can check out the OKRexamples site. These are strongly based on real objectives and key results.

And there is OKRtemplates that has real examples on how OKRs can be set up in different teams and on different levels.

For good example, that is aspirational and moves the company forward, let’s look at the following:

  • Make our company go viral
    • Generate 100,000 views on our youtube channel
    • Get 10,000 new followers on instagram
    • Increase organic search traffic to our website by 20%

Bad Key Results for this objective would include:

  • Make videos for youtube,
  • Get more Instagram followers
  • Improve SEO
  • For a poor example, let’s use the objective

You need to take a look at many OKR examples before you get started with OKRs. However, at one point you need to start setting your own Objectives. Before that, make sure you know the system and understand how to set OKRs.

It is also important to remember that OKR methodology isn’t just about setting Objectives, but building a culture around it as well. Your weekly initiatives and plans should all help achieve your long term goals and you should update the progress of your Key Results regularly.

OKRs should be discussed every week. Create a weekly ritual around them and discuss and review them with your team! Otherwise, at the end of the quarter, you may find that you are way off track!

With these examples and advice, hopefully you can get over some of your initial fears of OKRs and learn something new from journey. Of course, using an online tool like Weekdone to implement OKRs can always help you get on the right path.

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