What happens if you have too many OKRs?


Having too many OKRs means, you will not be able to focus on any of your goals nor deliver everything that you have planned

Objectives Key Results per Objective Total KRs
3 3 9
4 4 16
5 5 25

It’s a lot better to prioritize your goals before setting OKRs and focus on 9 things rather than try to focus on 25.

What are common mistakes made when using OKRs?


One of the main problems with any sort of goal setting technique is that after a lot of effort has been put into designing and shaping goals, people forget them and only remember them when they are due. OKR methodology addresses this problem with constant monitoring.

The progress toward Key Results should be measured weekly to see how much has been done. If a week has passed and you’ve got no progress, there is a problem that should be addressed by the team leader and the person responsible for the goal.

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