How to transition from spreadsheets to an OKR tool?


Spreadsheets are a great tool for getting started and organizing your OKRs, but the number one problem with spreadsheets is implementation. To avoid that, you need to make it as easy and comfortable as possible.

Let’s be honest, the main reason why people start OKRs on spreadsheets is because it is free. While it is nice to see if OKRs are a good fit for your company, cheaper isn’t always better. Moreover, most of the OKR softwares offer free trials anyway.

Once you’ve gotten comfortable and have decided on the tool to manage your OKRs it’s time to transfer them over and import them. The classic way to do this is through copying and pasting your objectives from spreadsheets into the tool.

You can also read a detailed guide about moving from spreadsheets to Weekdone.

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