What are typical OKRs for Project Manager?


For using OKRs for projects, you need to look at 2 different levels of OKRs:

  • Team’s OKRs – Finishing the project
  • Manager’s OKRs – what he/she specifically has to do.

Project’s manager’s OKRs can be the different parts of the projects he’s working on or the KPIs the project has to meet/things the project has to accomplish.

How do you create an OKR for office administration?


If you need OKRs for an entire administration, you need to look at two things:

  1. What is the goals for the office (team goals)?
  2. What are the individual goals that people do, to achieve the team goals?

If you answer the first question, you can set it as the goal for the office and tie the individual goals in as key results for the office.

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