What does a good Key Result look like in OKRs?


Key results measure how far from reaching your objective you are. It adds metrics to objectives.

The biggest challenge that most of the companies face is that instead of defining Key Results as measurable outcomes they set a list of action based Outputs. This goes against the whole point of OKRs. 

The output is an action that you take towards your goals. One thing is for sure, they are not measurable outcomes! Writing and delivering a new marketing plan doesn’t mean that the new plan is good and that it will bring lots of new customers.

Outcomes are the measurable results that you hope to see after you have finished your outputs. Outcomes are not about doing, they are about delivering real, valuable business results. If the marketing plan is our output then the desired outcome of it might be that the new marketing plan increases incoming leads from 4000 to 5500 per quarter.

Outputs vs Outcomes

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