What makes OKRs work?


The OKR methodology is a simple process of setting and aligning company and team goals (Objectives) and connecting each Objective with 3-5 measurable results (Key Results) to measure progress. For example, increase _ from X to Y. Reduce by X%. Improve __ up to X%. Key Results can be measured on a 0-100% scale or any numerical unit (ex: dollar amount, %, items, etc.).

There are two types of goals one can set – committed or aspirational OKRs. Committed OKRs are ones that your organization or team has agreed to execute and might have a clear action plan for achieving. Aspirational OKRs are more visionary and likely won’t get completed 100%, but they are important for moving towards the future.

When you use OKRs, everyone understand what they have to do, what others have to do, and how everyone’s individual tasks help them move forward as a team.

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